I just saw a face

Today time looped in a bubble

Having  someone with a familiar face ask if my grown son was “The son of Adam ,,,,,,” I was thrown back to before my son was born.

The face had seemed familiar to me – I’d seen him in my neighborhood and wondered how I knew him

I was instantly thrown back to 1989, before my son was born and when my ex who I now haven’t spoken to in years was about 23… The age my son is now. 

When I was at once more worldly and more naive than I am now. When my world was very black and white, when I had my future certain in my mind, when life was simplistic and easy and pure.

Literally a lifetime away.

Young, idealistic, so certain of how things should be. 

The last 20 years or so have bought so many new thoughts, ideas and people into my world. I’m a completely different person now to what I was then in a different ( and much healthier ) relationship. 

I’m happy being in my own skin and company ( mostly )

Now I’m old enough to know I don’t always quite know who I am, who I am becoming,where I will end.

Time loops in a sense indefinitely- yet some moments remain clear in memory as if etched in a mirror before me. 

I’m the only one left in my world who remembers that time. 

Dancing through love
Through passions embrace
Through the world from within our eyes
Through the silence of our breath
Scented with each other’s colours
We dance
We taste
We play
We touch
We scream
Scream for eternity
Scream of love
Scream till we are horse
Until our hearts bleed together
With the colours of our minds
Intertwining once more ( still ?)
The threads woven by touch ignite
With a million flecks of desire
Caught together in a rainbow
Settle into embers
And we fall together into that beautiful place of serenity

( of touch )
Of a whisper of a kiss
of kisses trailing,
of fingers sliding
( slick )
As his mouth ravishes yours.
Swallowing screams,
Stealing breath,

Once again the hallowed painted walls of truth and beauty surround …
As my heart beats only for him
For his breath
For his touch
For his approval
For his adoration
Distracting myself from the ache for his touch with gilt and oils
Within beauty
I wait
I await his touch
To reawaken beauty’s scream
(One day forever )
Now thou temporary and transient
Worlds merge in a kiss
The knowledge of forever in our twined souls
Forever and ever
We began as the stars formed

My hero
My lover
My love
My strength
My rock
My hope
My wish upon a star
He who holds my hand through the dark
The one who sees me truly

Aching to touch …
The hand that found me
The lips that stole my breath
His world again

To rest my weary heart with his.
To just lay together and breathe.

To wake every morning together as we do in our dreams

To let go of the constraints of time and place, of the urgency of each moment…

To not always be saying goodbye
( even if it is Au Revoir)

To love is divine, brilliant, exhilarating, so much more than words can write…
My love is eternal, yet still I ache

He smiles at her…
Her world opens
He gestures,
She kneels
Supplicating herself (again) ( forever )
She who has been always adored is once more
But in return she gives herself
Her body
Her mind
Her soul
Her essence
Her thoughts
Her wanton
Her heart
Her all
Everything she is and was and will ever be
Is contained in them
Given to him
Before his first touch
(Trust )

My prince
My man
My savior
My lover
My love
The moon to my stars
The hand I shall grasp
The heart I shall treasure
The mind I adore
My calm water
My passions edge
The arms that treasure me
My strength
My all

Our love
Sparking the stars with it’s light
Overshadowing the moons glow
Bringing forth long held fears and defying them
Showing us eternity in a glance
I have waited as long as the waves hit the shore for you to hold me my love

Is the pause between my breaths
The song that fills my heart
The peace within my mind
The calm that quells my storm

Begins and ends me
Creates worlds within me
Sees every part of me
Then embraces it freely

Offers herself on his altar
Fulfills his wishes and hopes
Strengthens him
Adores him
Dreams of him)

There has never been
And never will be another us
We fill the spaces within worlds
Complete each other’s destinies
And create new possibility
We are love